So You’re Thinking of Going to SIPS?

Some FAQs for people on the fence

SIPS 2024 Meeting
June 10-12, 2024
Nairobi, Kenya & Online

Is SIPS for me?

There is absolutely no previous experience required for coming to SIPS. Many of the attendees are early career (graduate students and even some undergraduates), and many of us are new to open science and are there to learn.

The only requirement for attending SIPS is an interest in improving psychological science (see our mission statement for what that means to us).

Can I come and just watch/listen?

Absolutely! Everyone can choose the level of involvement that works for them. You’ll probably be asked to introduce yourself at some of the sessions, but how much more you want to contribute is up to you. Many who have attended in the past found themselves wanting to get more involved than they expected, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you realize you have a lot more to contribute than you thought, but there’s no obligation at all. We’re also pretty sure you won’t have any trouble meeting new people even if you don’t know anyone when you get there.

What are hack-a-thons and unconference sessions?

It’s not entirely clear to us, either! The general idea of these types of sessions (which make up most of the program) is that our attendees are shaping the program and the organization. We are a service organization, and we want our conferences to be a place for people with common interests and goals to get together and work towards those goals. Many of the projects that have come out of previous SIPS meetings were ideas that sprang up during these kinds of informal sessions, and attendees took the ideas and ran with them.

In short, we really hope you’ll consider attending the SIPS conference. Most importantly, if you feel like you don’t have enough experience of expertise to come to SIPS, please don’t worry! You won’t be alone, and if you’re curious about improving psychology, we’d love for you to join us.