SIPS Commendations

SIPS is soliciting nominations of projects that support the SIPS mission for its SIPS Commendation program. Please make your nominations through this form. Nominations are sought year-round.

SIPS Mission Award

2019Learning Statistics with R
2019Many Babies 1
and their application in error detection in published research

SIPS Leadership Award

2018 Christopher R. Chartier, Ashland University
2017 Katherine S. Corker, Grand Valley State University

SIPS Commendations

PsyArXiv Fundraising: David Condon, PsyArXiv Executive Committee (Jack Arnal, Grace Binion, Ben Brown), and SIPS Executive Officer Katie Corker

Statistical Rethinking Lectures: Richard McElreath

Open Science Knowledge Base: Open Science Knowlege Base Team

ReproducibiliTea: Founders Sophia Cruwell, Amy Orben, and Sam Parsons; additional members of the ReproducibiliTea organizing committee (Matt Jaquiery, Katie Drax, and Jade Pickering); and local journal club organisers

Understanding statistical power and significance testing: An interactive visualization: Kristoffer Magnusson

JASP: the JASP team

jamovi: Jonathan Love, Damo Dropmann, Ravi Selker, and the broader jamovi community

brms: Paul Bürkner

HomeBank: Anne Warlaumont, Mark VanDam, Brian MacWhinney and corpus contributors (link to corpora)

Life Outcomes of Personality Replication Project: Chris Soto

AIID Study: Charlie Ebersole, Ian Husey, Sean Hughes, Jordan Axt, Calvin Lai, and Brian Nosek

Open Science Communities Nederland (OSCU, OSCNL, OSCA, OSCN, OSCR, OSC/e, OSCT, OSCG): Open Science Communities Utrecht Organizers Anita Eerland and Loek Brinkman (tutorial here)

Making free, open psychological datasets more accessible and useful for research and teaching: Cameron Brick

The Experience Sampling Method Item Repository: Olivia Kirtley, Anu P. Hiekkaranta, Yoram K. Kunkels, Davinia Verhoeven, Martine van Nierop, and Inez Myin-Germeys.

bayestestR: Dominique Makowski, Daniel Lüdecke and Mattan S. Ben-Shachar,

DeclareDesign: Graeme Blair, Jasper Cooper, Alexander Coppock, Macartan Humphreys and other contributors

DeclareDesign Tutorial: John-Henry Pezzuto