Supporting PsyArXiv: Your Support Matters!

PsyArXiv, the psychological science preprint server, needs your support to continue serving as a free platform for sharing our work.

Created during SIPS 2016 by SIPS members like you, PsyArXiv is one of the most successful SIPS Products. It is maintained by SIPS and hosted by OSF Preprints, which allows it to seamlessly interface with OSF projects. PsyArXiv currently hosts around 30 thousand preprints with more than 6,000 new manuscripts being added every year, and an average of 9 thousand page views per day! 

Although the service is (and always will be) free to end users, it is not free to run. Specifically, SIPS incurs costs on an annual basis for the technology to host the service, which includes things like user technical support and DOI minting. As the number of preprints increases, so do the costs associated with maintaining PsyArXiv. In 2022 alone, the expenses related to the support of PsyArXiv were $24,999.00, paid to the Center for Open Science (COS), which amounted to 31.1% of SIPS’s total expenses that year. You can find detailed information about those costs in SIPS’s financial reports.

To be able to continue to pay for PsyArXiv’s increasing expenses, SIPS has joined forces with other preprint servers to seek a more sustainable funding solution involving institutional support. If you think your institution might be willing to support PsyArXiv, please reach out to Sean Rife (

In parallel, we are reaching out to our members with a request for individual donations. If you are in a position to contribute personally, even a modest donation can make a significant impact. Donors can give directly here on our website.

Every contribution takes us one step closer to securing the future of PsyArXiv, and relieves the financial burden on SIPS, allowing us to reinvest that money into our community through initiatives like grants-in-aid and conference travel and attendance grants.

Thank you for your ongoing support towards improving psychological science!


The SIPS Executive Committee