Collabra: Psychology

Collabra: Psychology

In August 2017 at the 2nd SIPS Annual Conference, Collabra: Psychology and SIPS signed the agreement for the journal to become the official journal for the society. (Read the official press release here.)

In practice, this means that, while UC Press remains the owner of the journal, SIPS has the responsibility to (1) select and appoint the Senior Editors, who then select and appoint their team of Editors with approval from SIPS and (2) define the editorial aims, scope, policies, and direction of the journal.

There is no financial relationship between UC Press and SIPS, although UC Press at its discretion can sponsor events or other projects at the society or related to the annual conferences.

The Publications Committee that manages these responsibilities and the relationship with the journal  is listed here, and the current chair is Rich Lucas.

A description of the journal is below, which is taken from the journal website.

Collabra: Psychology, the official journal of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science, is a mission-driven Open Access (OA) journal from the University of California Press that shares not only the research it publishes, but also the value created by the psychology community during the peer-review process. Collabra: Psychology has 7 sections representing the broad field of psychology, and a highlighted focus area of “Methodology and Research Practice.”

Please click through the sections below to see Calls for Papers specific to each section.

  1. Cognitive Psychology
  2. Social Psychology
  3. Personality Psychology
  4. Clinical Psychology
  5. Developmental Psychology
  6. Organizational Behavior
  7. Methodology and Research Practice

The acceptance criterion for Collabra: Psychology is scientific, methodological, and ethical rigor. While Collabra: Psychology editors and reviewers do not attempt to predict a submission’s impact to the field, nor employ any topic bias in accepting articles, they will check for rigorously and transparently conducted, statistically sound, adequately powered, and fairly analyzed research worthy of inclusion in the scholarly record. This is a focus on more objective acceptance criteria and the bar is set high.

Collabra: Psychology supports the principles of Open Science, including a mandatory open data policy, and an option for authors to choose open peer review. Please see our Editorial Policies for full details.

Editor in Chief

Simine Vazire, University of California, Davis, USA

Senior Editorial Team

Benjamin Brown, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA
M. Brent Donnellan, Michigan State University, USA
Yoel Inbar, University of Toronto, Canada
Kevin King, University of Washington, USA
Don Moore, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Amy Perfors, University of Melbourne, Australia
Don van Ravenzwaaij University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Full Editorial Board listing.