The SIPS awards committee gives out two different types of awards to recognize projects that further the SIPS mission: larger recognitions given once a year (SIPS Mission Awards) and smaller recognitions given three times a year (SIPS Commendations).

SIPS Commendations

SIPS is soliciting nominations of projects that support the SIPS mission for its SIPS Commendation program. Nominations are sought year-round. To be considered for the next round, please make your nominations through this form by July 1, 2020. 

SIPS Mission Award

SIPS is soliciting nominations of projects that support the SIPS mission for its SIPS Mission awards program. Please make your nominations through this form before July 1, 2020.

2020BLASPR: Black Social and Personality Psychologists Retreat
2020brms: R Package for
Bayesian Generalized Multivariate
Non-linear Multilevel Models Using Stan
2020Flourish: A Retreat for Pre-tenure Faculty of Color
2020formr survey framework
2020Racial Inequality in Psychological Research:
Trends of the Past and Recommendations for the Future
2019Learning Statistics with R
2019Many Babies 1
and their application in
error detection in published research

SIPS Leadership Award

2018 Christopher R. Chartier, Ashland University
2017 Katherine S. Corker, Grand Valley State University

SIPS Commendations

PsyArXiv Fundraising: David Condon, PsyArXiv Executive Committee (Jack Arnal, Grace Binion, Ben Brown), and SIPS Executive Officer Katie Corker

The Experience Sampling Method Item Repository: Olivia Kirtley, Anu P. Hiekkaranta, Yoram K. Kunkels, Davinia Verhoeven, Martine van Nierop, and Inez Myin-Germeys (searchable repository here)

Statistical Rethinking Lectures: Richard McElreath

Open Science Knowledge Base: Open Science Knowlege Base Team

ReproducibiliTea: Founders Sophia Cruwell, Amy Orben, and Sam Parsons; additional members of the ReproducibiliTea organizing committee (Matt Jaquiery, Katie Drax, and Jade Pickering); and local journal club organisers

Understanding statistical power and significance testing: An interactive visualization: Kristoffer Magnusson

JASP: the JASP team

jamovi: Jonathan Love, Damo Dropmann, Ravi Selker, and the broader jamovi community

brms: Paul Bürkner

HomeBank: Anne Warlaumont, Mark VanDam, Brian MacWhinney and corpus contributors (link to corpora)

Life Outcomes of Personality Replication Project: Chris Soto

AIID Study: Charlie Ebersole, Ian Husey, Sean Hughes, Jordan Axt, Calvin Lai, and Brian Nosek

Open Science Communities Nederland (OSCU, OSCNL, OSCA, OSCN, OSCR, OSC/e, OSCT, OSCG): Open Science Communities Utrecht Organizers Anita Eerland and Loek Brinkman (tutorial here)

Making free, open psychological datasets more accessible and useful for research and teaching: Cameron Brick

bayestestR: Dominique Makowski, Daniel Lüdecke and Mattan S. Ben-Shachar,

DeclareDesign: Graeme Blair, Jasper Cooper, Alexander Coppock, Macartan Humphreys and other contributors

DeclareDesign Tutorial: John-Henry Pezzuto

litsearchr: Eliza Grames, Andrew Stillman, Morgan Tingley, Chris Elphick

SSVSforPsych: Thomas McCauley, Sierra Bainter, Tor Wager, & Elizabeth Reynolds Losin

ggstatsplot: Indrajeet Patil

MAJOR plugin for JAMOVI and MAVIS Shiny App: Kyle Hamilton and Burak Aydin

Non-WEIRD Science (blog post): Monk Prayogshala

How open science can advance African psychology: Lessons from the inside: Adeyemi Adetula, Soufian Azouaghe, Dana Basnight-Brown, Patrick Forscher, Hans IJzerman

Open for Insight: An online course in experimentation: Rima-Maria Rahal

Thinking generatively: Why do we use atheoretical statistical models to test substantive psychological theories? Nathaniel Haines, Peter Kvam, Louis Irving, Colin Smith, Theodore Beauchaine, Mark Pitt, Woo-Young Ahn, Brandon Turner

Promoting Core Outcome Sets in Health Psychology: Molly Byrne, Patricia Kearney, Declan Devane, Caroline B Terwee, Paula R Williamson

BayesCog Lectures: Lei Zhang

EIFEL-ROF: Tina Lonsdorf, Christian Merz

jsPsych: Josh de Leeuw and the jsPsych development team

Resources for Discussing Racism within the Sciences: Eden Smith, Hannah Fraser

“When Science Needs Self-Correcting”: Julia Strand

Measurement Schmeasurement: Questionable Measurement Practices and How to Avoid Them: Jessica Flake, Eiko Fried

Collaborative Open-science REsearch (CORE): Gilad Feldman

You Can Grad School: Dustin Haraden, Kate McCormick

Curate Science: Etienne Lebel, Dominik Lenda

ManyPrimates: The Many Primates Team

MetaLab: Christina Bergmann, Sho Tsuji, Alejandrina Cristia, Michael Frank, Molly Lewis. Paper with results here.

CO-RE Lab Lab Philosophy and Research Templates: Rick Klein, Oliver Dujols, Alessandro Sparacio, Patrick Forscher, Hans IJzerman

Red Team Challenge: Nicholas Coles, Leonid Tiokhin, Ruben Arslan, Daniël Lakens

Statistics of DOOM: Erin Buchannan

FORRT (preprint): Flavio Azevedo, Sam Parsons, Kimberly Quinn, Leticia Micheli, Samuel Guay, Mahmoud Elsherif, Eike Rinke, Mike Galang, Ben Saunders, Balazs Aczel, Yanna Weisberg, Jacob Miranda, M. González-Márquez, Malika Ihle

Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology: Kai Jonas, Joseph Cesario