The SIPS Awards Committee gives out two different types of awards to recognize projects that further the SIPS mission: SIPS Mission Awards and SIPS Commendations. 

SIPS Mission Award

SIPS is soliciting nominations of projects that support the SIPS mission for its SIPS Mission awards program. SIPS Mission Awards recognize and increase awareness of a limited number of exemplary products that further the SIPS mission. Nominations are sought year-round. To be considered for the next round, please make your nominations through this form by April 30.

Selection DateProject
June 2023Application Statement Feedback Program
June 2023easystats
June 2023FORRT – Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training
June 2023Ghai et al., 2023: “How we investigated the diversity of our undergraduate curriculum”
June 2023Psicostat
June 2023psych: Procedures for Psychological, Psychometric, and Personality Research
June 2023Psych #rstats Club
June 2023PsychResearchList
June 2023pwrSEM
June 2023Simply Neuroscience
June 2023Tenzing
September 2021PsyTeachR
September 2021 SPARK Society
September 2021 “Publishing Research With Undergraduate Students via Replication Work: The Collaborative Replications and Education Project”
August 2020BLASPR: Black Social and Personality Psychologists Retreat
August 2020brms: R Package for Bayesian Generalized Multivariate Non-linear Multilevel Models Using Stan
August 2020Flourish: A Retreat for Pre-tenure Faculty of Color
August 2020formr survey framework
August 2020JAMOVI
August 2020JASP
August 2020Racial Inequality in Psychological Research:
Trends of the Past and Recommendations for the Future
August 2020ReproducibiliTea
July 2019Many Babies 1
July 2019Papaja
July 2019SPRITE , GRIM, and their application in error detection in published research

SIPS Commendations

SIPS is soliciting nominations of projects that support the SIPS mission for its SIPS Commendation program. SIPS Commendations are a way to give recognition to projects that support the SIPS Mission, including (but not limited to) contributions that are not typically formally recognized by professional societies (e.g., blog posts, podcasts). Nominations are sought year-round. To be considered for the next round, please make your nominations through this form by April 30.

Selection DateProject
June 2023Abalkina & Bishop, 2022: “Paper mills: a novel form of publishing malpractice affecting psychology”
June 2023Addressing White Privilege in Psychology Research
June 2023Advancing Big-team Reproducible science through Increased Representation (ABRIR)
June 2023Anatomy of Measurement, A YouTube Animation Series
June 2023BrainBiguous
June 2023Camacho & Echelbarger, 2021: “Decentering whiteness: Rethinking the instruction of undergraduate research methods within developmental science”
June 2023Doing Good with Data
June 2023Error Tight
June 2023Evidence of Fraud in an Influential Field Experiment About Dishonesty
June 2023FORRT Replications & Reversals
June 2023FORRT Summaries
June 2023FORRT Team Neurodiversity
June 2023Moges & Semela, 2023: “Identifying the core components and items to measure health workers’ cultural competence in the Ethiopian context”
June 2023Psyc399: Psychology’s Credibility Revolution
June 2023Replication Database
June 2023Repository of Psychological Instruments in Serbian (REPOPSI)
June 2023Research tools for Psychology and Social Sciences – Malayalam
June 2023Translated Help Guides of the Open Science Framework
June 2023Yeung & Mun, 2022: “A Renewed Call for Disaggregation of Racial and Ethnic Data: Advancing Scientific Rigor and Equity in Gifted and Talented Education Research”
June 2023Zurich Intergroup Project
April 2021”Preventing the return of fear in humans using reconsolidation update mechanisms: A verification report of Schiller et al. (2010)”
April 2021The Writing Workshop
April 2021RIOT Science Club
April 2021”Ten steps toward a better personality science – how quality may be rewarded more in research evaluation”
April 2021graduate student resources in Psych Research List
April 2021Let’s Talk Grad School
April 2021The Open Research Calendar
April 2021“A multi-site preregistered paradigmatic test of the ego depletion effect”
April 2021“A response to Bates, C et al (2020) ‘Always trying to walk a bit of a tightrope’: The role of social care staff in supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop and maintain loving relationships”
April 2021Chinese Open Science Network (COSN)
April 2021gendercoder function
August 2020litsearchr
August 2020SSVSforPsych
August 2020ggstatsplot
August 2020MAJOR plugin for JAMOVI and MAVIS Shiny App
August 2020Non-WEIRD Science (blog post)
August 2020How open science can advance African psychology: Lessons from the inside
August 2020Open for Insight: An online course in experimentation
August 2020Thinking generatively: Why do we use atheoretical statistical models to test substantive psychological theories?
August 2020Promoting Core Outcome Sets in Health Psychology
August 2020BayesCog Lectures
August 2020EIFEL-ROF
August 2020jsPsych
August 2020Resources for Discussing Racism within the Sciences
August 2020“When Science Needs Self-Correcting”
August 2020Measurement Schmeasurement: Questionable Measurement Practices and How to Avoid Them
August 2020Collaborative Open-science REsearch (CORE)
August 2020You Can Grad School
August 2020Curate Science
August 2020ManyPrimates
August 2020MetaLab (paper with results here)
August 2020CO-RE Lab Lab Philosophy and Research Templates
August 2020Red Team Challenge
August 2020Statistics of DOOM
August 2020FORRT (preprint)
August 2020Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology
January 2020PsyArXiv Fundraising
January 2020The Experience Sampling Method Item Repository (searchable repository here)
January 2020Statistical Rethinking Lectures
January 2020Open Science Knowledge Base
January 2020ReproducibiliTea
January 2020Understanding statistical power and significance testing: An interactive visualization
January 2020JASP
January 2020jamovi
January 2020brms
January 2020HomeBank (link to corpora)
January 2020Life Outcomes of Personality Replication Project
January 2020AIID Study
January 2020Open Science Communities Nederland (OSCU, OSCNL, OSCA, OSCN, OSCR, OSC/e, OSCT, OSCG) (tutorial here)
January 2020Making free, open psychological datasets more accessible and useful for research and teaching
January 2020bayestestR
January 2020DeclareDesign
January 2020DeclareDesign Tutorial

SIPS Leadership Award

Selection DateLeader
June 2018Christopher R. Chartier, Ashland University
June 2017Katherine S. Corker, Grand Valley State University