PsyArXiv Scientific Advisory Board

PsyArXiv Scientific Advisory Board





This committee is responsible for shaping the direction of PsyArXiv and maintaining the PsyArXiv website at The PsyArXiv blog is at Committee operating principles (last updated October 2019) are here: Committee bylaws (last updated November 2019) are here:




Current Activities and Tasks



  • Maintaining the PsyArXiv website
  • Creating policies for posting of preprints
  • Forming a member advisory board of partner stakeholders (e.g., libraries)
  • Working with technology partners to develop new features



Committee Chair & Email


For more information about PsyArXiv, or information about how to get involved, contact the committee chair Jack Arnal at


Committee Members


Jack Arnal (scientific advisory board chair)

Benjamin Brown (moderation subcommittee chair)

Grace Binion (social media and outreach subcommittee chair)

David Condon (fundraising and membership subcommittee chair)

David Barner

Will Cross

Cass Dykeman

Carol Iskiwitch

Melissa Kline

Don Moore

Hannah Moshontz

Sean Rife

Katie Corker (non-voting liaison to SIPS executive committee)