2018 Conference Program

2018 Conference Program

This committee is responsible for the program of the 2018 SIPS meeting. This includes pre-selecting topics for workshops and hackathons and contact potential workshop/hackathon leaders. This committee also plans and monitors lightning talks and organizes mentor lunches at the conference.

Current Activities and Tasks
  • Select topics for hackathons and workshops
  • Contact potential workshop/hackathon leaders
  • Create a survey to arrange mentor lunches
Committee Chair & Email

For more information about this committee, or information about how to get involved, you can contact one of the following people:

Michèle Nuijten, m.b.nuijtenuvt.nl">m.b.nuijtenuvt.nl

John Sakaluk, jksakalukgmail.com

Alexa Tullett, atullettbama.ua.edu

Committee Members

Michèle Nuijten (chair)

John Sakaluk

Alexa Tullett