2018 Conference Logistics

2018 Conference Logistics

This committee is responsible for planning the non-programming aspects of the SIPS’ conferences, as well as coordinating with the conference programming committee. We select conference locations, reserve meeting space and hotel rooms, plan social events, and arrange food and beverage for the meetings. We also coordinate meeting volunteers.

Current Activities and Tasks
  • Select location for social event for 2018 meeting in Grand Rapids
  • Plan menus for conference meals and snacks for 2018 meeting
  • Manage meeting registration, including travel waivers and funding
Committee Chair & Email

For more information about this committee, or information about how to get involved, you can contact one of the following people:

Sara Weston (Chair 2018), weston.saragmail.com">weston.saragmail.com

Katie Corker (Past-Chair, Chair 2017), k.corkergmail.com">k.corkergmail.com

Jack Arnal (Past-Chair, Chair 2017), jarnalmcdaniel.edu">jarnalmcdaniel.edu

Anita Eerland (Future Chair, Chair 2019), anita.eerlandgmail.com">anita.eerlandgmail.com

Committee Members

Sara Weston

Katie Corker

Jack Arnal

Anita Eerland