Executive Board

Alexa Tullett

Alexa Tullett is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama. Alexa has previously served on the SIPS program committee and the SIPS organizing committee.

Anita Eerland

Anita Eerland is Assistant Professor in Language and Communication at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Simine Vazire

Simine Vazire is Professor of Psychology at UC Davis, USA. Simine is a co-founder and past chair of the SIPS executive committee.

Joe Hilgard

Joe Hilgard is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Illinois State University. Joe is chair of the SIPS website committee.

Melissa Kline

Melissa is a postdoctoral researcher in Brain & Cognitive Sciences at MIT and serves on the PsyArXiv steering committee.

Ben Brown

Ben Brown is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Georgia Gwinnett College. Ben chairs the PsyArXiv steering committee.

Benjamin Le

Benjamin Le is a professor of psychology at Haverford College.

Hannah Moshontz

Hannah Moshontz is a 6th year PhD student at Duke University.

Heather Urry

Heather Urry is a professor of psychology at Tufts University.